Neighborhood Revitalization Program

Row Houses
The Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) is a coordinated inter-departmental City task force lead by the Housing and Community Services Department. NRP's mission is to improve living conditions and quality of life in focus neighborhoods throughout the City. Building and fire inspections are conducted to ensure decent, safe and sanitary housing. The Recreation and Parks Department provides on-site afterschool programs to improve the environment for youth. A Community Outreach Specialist works in the neighborhoods to assist and educate residents about city wide resources and coordinate educational and cultural events.

Ultimately, the goal of NRP is to improve the living conditions and quality of life in the neighborhood, resulting in a safer area and increased property values.

Department Participation

  • Housing and Community Services (lead department): A Community Outreach Specialist to work with the community and schools to coordinate youth activities, referrals for job training and social programs for adults. A Building Inspector for health and safety code enforcement, education and neighborhood compliance issues.
  • Fire: A Fire Inspector for Fire safety code enforcement, education and any applicable neighborhood compliance issues.
  • City Attorney: An Assistant City Attorney and legal support to work with the owners, residents and neighborhood association to gain compliance with local and state law.
  • Police: A Police Officer to improve the quality of life and safety within the neighborhoods.