Neighborhood Revitalization Program

Row Houses

The Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) is a coordinated inter-departmental City task force lead by Code Enforcement. NRP's mission is to improve living conditions and quality of life in focus neighborhoods throughout the City, resulting in safer environments and increased property values. The NRP currently focuses on 8 neighborhoods.

Building and fire inspections are conducted to ensure decent, safe and sanitary housing. Homeowner-occupants of residences within an NRP area are not subject to mandatory interior inspection of their home; interior inspections are mandatory only for property owners who rent their dwelling. The Recreation and Parks Department provides on-site afterschool programs to improve the environment for youth.

Department Participation

  • Code Enforcement: A Building Inspector for health and safety code enforcement, education and neighborhood compliance issues.
  • Fire: A Fire Inspector for Fire safety code enforcement, education and any applicable neighborhood compliance issues.
  • City Attorney: An Assistant City Attorney and legal support to work with the owners, residents and neighborhood association to gain compliance with local and state law.
  • Police: A Police Officer to improve the quality of life and safety within the neighborhoods.


  • Inspection Guidelines (PDF): This link provides a list of the most common causes of failed inspections.
  • Fire Code Enforcement: This link provides information on Santa Rosa Fire Department inspections for public safety.
  • Smoke Detector Notice (PDF): A Safety Message from the Santa Rosa Fire Department and the Neighborhood Revitalization Program. Smoke detectors provide early warning of a fire and allow the fire department to be notified much faster.
  • Consent To Inspect (PDF): This link provides a Tenant/Resident consent to inspect form in both English and Spanish. This form gives consent to a representative from the City of Santa Rosa to inspect the unit for fire prevention, building construction, safety and substandard housing conditions.
  • Santa Rosa City Code: This link is the entire current City Code including Health and Safety, Building, Zoning and Fire Codes.
  • Weed Abatement Bulletin (PDF): This Notice lists the basic requirements of the City's Weed and Rubbish Abatement Ordinance, and lists a date by which properties must be brought into compliance. After the compliance date, field inspections of parcels are performed by Fire Prevention personnel on a regular basis.

Success Stories

  1. Lizzette Marquez

    Code Enforcement Officer