Public Art in Private Development

Ordinance 3805

The City of Santa Rosa has a strong commitment to promoting arts programming and public art as well as enhancing the quality of life for residential and business members of our community. As a part of this commitment, the City passed the Public Art in Private Development Ordinance in 2006 (Ordinance Number 3805). This ordinance requires large commercial development to include art for public enjoyment with the understanding that in doing so, they are contributing to the livability of our city.

Under the ordinance, any commercial development project (excluding industrial) in excess of $500,000 valuation is required to expend 1% of the project's construction budget to include publicly accessible art or pay an in-lieu fee. Application material and instructions are available on the far right side of this page.


Are you a developer? If your project is commercial (excluding industrial) and has a valuation in excess of $500,000, please read through the application materials. For more building permit procedures, please contact the Planning & Economic Development Department at 707-543-3220.

Helpful Resources

For more information on the Public Art in Private Development process, please email Tara Thompson, Arts Coordinator or call 707-543-4512.

Photo Gallery

Check out our online photo gallery of local public art in private development.

Application Materials