West Ninth Street

During Gang Prevention Awareness week a Neighborhood Night Walk was organized by local community leaders and residents joined in to send a message of unity and a "No to Violence?" The gathering ended at Puerta Villa Apartments.

In May, the Neighborhood Revitalization Program along with Lincoln Elementary School hosted a Community Resource Fair. Several organizations from the community including other departments participated in the event including exhibitions and performances. 

Sunset Avenue

In May 2015, the Neighborhood Revitalization Program partnered with North Bay Corporation Recycling Group and set up several sites to clean-up throughout the street. 

Aston Avenue

Currently the Neighborhood Revitalization Program is conducting annual inspections through the Aston Avenue neighborhood. A Building Inspector, Fire Inspector and Outreach Specialist inspect the units to ensure that they are safe and in compliance with City Code.

The Neighborhood Revitalization Program is planning a Community Street Clean-up in Aston Avenue Saturday August 1, 2015!