All of Santa Rosa Water’s operations are carried out on behalf of the communities it serves by a team of approximately 250 employees, with an overall annual operating budget of $122 million, in addition to a $22 million capital improvement budget.


Santa Rosa Water is primarily funded from water rates and fees charged for providing a safe and reliable water supply and wastewater collection and treatment. The exception is Santa Rosa’s storm water program, which is financed by a parcel assessment and the City of Santa Rosa’s General Fund.

Santa Rosa Water’s Budget is divided into enterprise funds to maintain accountability by ensuring revenue received for each of these services is used only to provide that service.  For example, Water revenues cannot fund any other City service, such as Police and Fire services, but funds may be used for as accounting, payroll, human resources, City Manager, City Attorney, and City Council services that support the Water Department.

Water & Wastewater Funds

The water fund pays for the following services: water supply planning, the purchase of drinking water from the Sonoma County Water Agency, drinking water quality and testing, water storage and distribution, and maintenance, repair and replacement of the City’s water delivery system. The wastewater fund includes the collection and transportation of wastewater from homes and businesses to the Santa Rosa Regional Water Reuse Plant, as well as the maintenance, repair and replacement of the wastewater collection system.

Regional Water Reuse Fund

The regional water reuse fund includes long range planning and compliance, environmental monitoring and compliance, industrial waste pretreatment, treatment, testing, and beneficial reuse of recycled water and biosolids for the communities of Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Sebastopol, Cotati and the South Park County Sanitation District.

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