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Water efficiency is the Santa Rosa way of life! More than half of our water is used outside, so reduce your water use, improve plant health, and create a beautiful, vibrant low water use garden.

Water Recommendations

Watering Recommendations

Free weekly watering recommendations for your garden.

Understanding Irrigation

Understanding Your Irrigation System

Garden irrigation can seem intimidating, but with the right resources it doesn't have to be. 

Planting Garden

WaterSmart Garden Design Tools

Let us help you design your new WaterSmart garden.

Maintaining Garden

Maintaining a WaterSmart Garden

Just like any garden, low water-use landscapes also require a little TLC. 

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  1. Water Waste_News Flash

    Check Your Irrigation System for Leak to Reduce Water Waste

    Noticed water waste around town? Not sure what to do? You can always report it online and Santa Rosa Water will follow-up with the customer. Read on...
  2. News Flash_Water Devices

    Water Efficiency is the Santa Rosa Way of Life!

    Although the drought is over, water efficiency is the Santa Rosa way of life so don’t stop your water saving habits now! One great way to save water is to test your toilets for leaks or replace your old toilet with incentives offered by Santa Rosa Water. Additional Info...
  3. News Flash_Annas Hummingbird

    Creek Spotlight: Bird Nests

    It’s bird nesting season in Santa Rosa! This is an exciting time of year for bird watchers and naturalists alike. From March through early September, Sonoma County is home to 90 different resident and migratory species of native songbirds. Read on...

    2023 Water-Use Efficiency Awards

    In celebration of Water Awareness Month, Santa Rosa City Council recognized five award recipients for their efforts to save water and increase water efficiency in their homes, neighborhoods, and businesses. Read on...
  5. Lawn Conversion_News Flash

    Santa Rosans Transform 4 Million Square Feet of Grass Into Water-Saving Landscapes

    Thanks to the commitment of Santa Rosa’s community to save water, residents and businesses in the city have transformed over 4 million square feet of grass into beautiful, water-saving landscapes. Read on...
  6. News Flash_RainWaterHarvesting

    Everything You Need to Know About Rainwater Harvesting

    With an average annual rainfall in Santa Rosa of 30 inches, you could harvest and reuse over 19,800 gallons of water per year with that 1,000 square foot roof. Additional Info...
  7. News Flash_Call for Gardens

    Call for WaterSmart Gardens!

    The 2023 Eco-Friendly Garden Tour will take place in May and return to in-person! Feeling inspired to show off your native focused garden? Learn how to participate! Additional Info...
  8. News Flash_WaterSmart Businesses

    Drought Resources For Businesses

    Santa Rosa’s team is here to help with free water saving devices, rebates to achieve permanent water savings, and more. For businesses, Santa Rosa Water is offering $1.50 per sq. ft. of turf removed, up to max of 10,000 sq. ft. or $15,000.00 annually. Additional Info...
  9. News Flash_Plant Picker

    WaterSmart Plant Picker

    Scroll through beautiful, lush, colorful, low water use shrubs, flowers, and trees that thrive in our climate with the easy-to-use WaterSmart Plant Picker. Additional Info...
  10. NF_QWEL

    Hire a QWEL (Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper) Pro for Your WaterSmart Landscaping Needs

    Hire a QWEL (Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper) Pro for your WaterSmart landscaping needs. QWEL Pros have been trained in efficient irrigation principles and sustainable landscaping practices. Find a QWEL Pro today! Additional Info...
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