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Water efficiency is the Santa Rosa way of life! More than half of our water is used outside, so reduce your water use, improve plant health, and create a beautiful, vibrant low water use garden. It's a dry year. Save water with us!

Water Recommendations

Watering Recommendations

Free weekly watering recommendations for your garden.

Understanding Irrigation

Understanding Your Irrigation System

Garden irrigation can seem intimidating, but with the right resources it doesn't have to be. 

Planting Garden

Garden Design and Plant Selection

Let us help you design your new WaterSmart garden.

Maintaining Garden

Maintaining a WaterSmart Garden

Just like any garden, low water-use landscapes also require a little TLC. 

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Is Artificial Turf a WaterSmart Landscape?

Myth: I’ll help the environment and save water by installing artificial turf.

Truth: Artificial turf does not support bio-diversity in the landscape, or soil health. Production of virgin synthetic turf components are associated with greenhouse gas emissions, and artificial turf is not easily recycled. Artificial turf can also contribute to the heat island effect, causing our homes and community to be even hotter. Instead, install a low water use garden or maintain the grass that you use with efficient irrigation. That’s the WaterSmart way.


Program Your Irrigation Controller

An irrigation controller can be intimidating but it’s simply a clock that turns your irrigation system on and off. Let us help create a watering schedule to match weather conditions and your plant's actual water needs.

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WaterSmart Workshops

Did you know Santa Rosa Water offers FREE WaterSmart Workshops? There are currently no upcoming workshops, but you can view past workshops including: Planning and Designing a Low Water Use Garden Webinar, Low Water Use Plant Selection Webinar, and Irrigation Strategies for Low Water Use Gardens. Check back soon for 2021 workshops!

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