Application Services

Software Application Development & Integration

Application Development & Integration services provide for the full software development lifecycle of solutions used throughout the City, including Analysis and Requirements Definition, Specification Development, Architectural Design, Code Development, Implementation, and Custom Integration with other City systems. Currently, there are over 70 in-house developed software applications and dozens of custom interfaces in use at the City.   


Enterprise Software Implementation 

Enterprise Software Implementation services provide IT services for the Needs Assessment, Software Procurement, Project Management, Configuration, Testing, and Training of third party enterprise software applications, such as the City's ERP (Finance and Payroll) and Permitting and Inspections systems. Currently, there are approximately 20 enterprise software solutions in use at the City. A list can be found here: SB-272-Enterprise-Software.


Software Application Support 

Software Application Support services provide user support, software enhancements, configuration changes, bug fixes, and centralized software permission management of the in-house and third party software applications used in the City. Application Support addresses over 1,000 service requests per year. 


Data Analytics and Reporting 

Data Analytics and Reporting services provide data extraction and visualization tools to empower internal users and members of the public with the data needed to analyze information and make decisions. Currently, over 300 internal reports are in use at the City; and numerous external datasets are available to the public on the City's open data portal: