City of Santa Rosa GIS Information

Welcome to the City of Santa Rosa Geographic Information System (GIS) About page.

The GIS Services Section provides coordination, support and maintenance of the City's GIS system and GIS services for all departments. The City GIS group also works closely with Sonoma County GIS to support county-wide 911 dispatch. The GIS system is accessible by all employees on the intranet and by citizens on the internet.

Here you will find interactive maps for the City and County that allow you to zoom in and out, control which GIS layers are displayed and get various kinds of information through map tips and reports. These maps can be downloaded to your PC and printed. Additionally, you can get information about other GIS services provided by the City of Santa Rosa.

For Water related maps and GIS data requests (sewer, water and stormwater), please contact the Water Department engineering team at: [email protected]

Map Viewer NOTE: For the best experience using these viewers, please use a currently supported browser that is up to date.

Express Parcel Viewer

Express Parcel Viewer is a fast and easy way to get parcel Information. Covers all of Sonoma County. This is a good place to start.  This viewer also includes a tool for making mailing labels.

Historical Aerial Photo Viewer

View City and County aerials from 1942 to the present.  Covers all of Sonoma County. This is a good place to start.  

UPDATE: 1991 Historical Aerial Photos are now available in this viewer (posted Dec. 5th, 2023).

Other Viewers

GIS Open Data Portal

This link will take you to the City's GIS portal for accessing GIS Maps and Data.  This includes downloading GIS data, viewing metadata, REST endpoint information and more.

Subscription GIS

Subscription GIS is not free, requires login - adds access to the City's store of development related documents, including Final Maps and Improvement Plans.

Other Fee-Based Services

Printed maps, labels, etc. - we are a full service GIS shop!

Send any questions to our GIS team at [email protected].


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