Other Fee-Based Services

We offer a number of other GIS services, including printing of existing maps (see PDF maps), custom map creation and mailing labels.


Our price for printing existing maps is:
  • $45 for an E (34" x 44") on paper, or $55 on plastic
  • $25 for a C (17" x 22") on paper, or $30 on plastic
  • $25 for a D (22" x 34") on paper, or $30 for plastic

Mailing Labels

UPDATE: 11/25/2019 - Mailing labels can now be created for free using the Express Parcel Viewer
Here is are basic directions on how to create them:

1) Navigate to the location (parcel) you want to create mailing labels for.
2) In the upper left corner of the map window click the "I want to..." button.
3) In the pull-down menu that appears, choose the "Create Occupant mail labels".
4) A Step-by-Step wizard will appear in the panel to the left of the map.
5) Follow the steps and generate your mailing labels.  They will be output in the Rich Text Format (rtf) and Excel (xlsx) formats.

Please contact the GIS staff if you need help creating the labels.

Custom Work

Anything else requiring custom work will be charged out at $120 per hour (1 hour minimum) plus any printing costs.


For more information about our services, contact our GIS team by email.