Other Fee-Based Services

We offer a number of other GIS services, including printing of existing maps (see PDF maps), custom map creation and mailing labels.


Our price for printing existing maps is:
  • $45 for an E (34" x 44") on paper, or $55 on plastic
  • $25 for a C (17" x 22") on paper, or $30 on plastic
  • $25 for a D (22" x 34") on paper, or $30 for plastic

Mailing Labels

Mailing labels can be based on a geographic area (i.e. all parcels with in a city or bounded by a set of streets) or based on county land use (i.e. all wineries). Mailing labels can be to:
  • Parcel owner
  • Parcel resident
  • Both owner and resident
The cost for mailing labels are $75 plus $0.01 per label in Excel format. We can also print labels for an additional $25 plus $0.01 per label.

Custom Work

Anything else requiring custom work will be charged out at $120 per hour (1 hour minimum) plus any printing costs.


For more information about our services, contact our GIS team by email.