Water Supply

Russian River

Where Our Water Comes From

Santa Rosa's primary source of water is from the Russian River supplied by the Sonoma County Water Agency (Water Agency). The Water Agency pumps water that is naturally filtered through rock, sand and gravel from wells about 100 feet below the river bed and provides that water to retail water suppliers, including Santa Rosa, throughout Sonoma County and North Marin. Santa Rosa Water also owns and operates two groundwater production wells to supplement water received from the Water Agency. Santa Rosa is very fortunate because the Russian River and our groundwater wells produce high quality drinking water that does not face water quality concerns that affect many public water systems throughout the United States.

Santa Rosa provides water to over 53,000 customers in Santa Rosa; 91% are residential and 9% are commercial customers. To ensure adequate water supplies are available for current and future water demands under varying water supply conditions, Santa Rosa Water has an aggressive water conservation program and provides recycled water for urban and agricultural irrigation to reduce potable water demands.

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Woman drinking a glass of water.

Water Quality

We continually monitor and test our water throughout the distribution system to ensure fresh, safe and clean water is delivered to your tap. Our water consistently meets or exceeds state and federal drinking water standards.

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River with dense trees on both sides.

Water Supply Planning

Santa Rosa is committed to long-term water supply planning to ensure adequate water supplies are available to meet current and future water demands under varying water supply conditions.

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Map of Santa Rosa groundwater.


Santa Rosa is located within the Santa Rosa Plain sub-basin of the Santa Rosa Valley Groundwater Basin. The Santa Rosa Valley Groundwater Basin is one of the largest groundwater basins in the North Coast Hydrologic Region.

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Recycled Water

Recycled water is wastewater that is highly treated to meet State standards and is reused for urban and agricultural irrigation, as well as sent to Calpine, via the Geysers Pipeline, to recharge the steamfields and produce clean energy.

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Water Meter

Water-Use Efficiency

Residents and Businesses throughout Santa Rosa are saving approximately 1,500,000,000 gallons of water annually through water conservation efforts. Learn how you can save water and money with our saving tips, tools, and rebates.

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