Urban Water Management Plan and Water Shortage Contingency Plan

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 Water Supply Planning
The City of Santa Rosa receives the majority of its drinking water supply from the Sonoma County Water Agency (Sonoma Water), which provides water principally from the Russian River to retail water suppliers in Sonoma County and portions of Marin County. The City supplements this drinking water supply by operating two groundwater wells

To decrease the demand for potable drinking water and stretch our water supply, the City provides recycled water from its own Regional Water Reuse System to some irrigators. Additionally, the City has developed robust Water Use Efficiency programs, which play an essential role in water supply planning efforts by helping reduce current and future demand for water sustainably.

In addition, the City is committed to long-term water supply planning to ensure adequate water supplies are available to meet current and future water demands under varying water supply conditions.

In compliance with the California Water Code, the City updates and adopts its Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP) and submits it to the Department of Water Resources every five years. The UWMP provides information about the City's water transmission system and includes a description of the water supply sources, historical and projected water use, and a comparison of water supply to water demands during normal, single-dry, and multiple-dry years. It also reports on the City's compliance with State mandated water conservation targets and provides detailed information about demand management measures.

The California Water Code also requires the City to prepare an updated Water Shortage Contingency Plan (Shortage Plan) every five years. The Shortage Plan defines water shortage levels and identifies corresponding response actions and procedures for reducing demand for water during mild to severe droughts or other water shortage conditions.

The 2020 UWMP was adopted by the City Council on June 8, 2021 and the Amended 2020 Shortage Plan was adopted by the City Council on November 30, 2021.