HAWK Instructions for Pedestrians

Push Button Small
Walk Sign
Hand With Count Down
Hand Solid

Push Button

Push the button to activate the HAWK signal. Wait for the walk signal to appear. The walk signal will appear once the overhead lights have turned red.

Audible Cues

A repeating locator tone enables the visually impaired locate the push button and activate the crosswalk signal. Once the button is pushed a "wait" message indicates that traffic is not yet stopped.

Visual Confirmation

Remember that the walk signal does not mean it is safe to step into the street. Before stepping into the crosswalk, be sure drivers have seen you and are stopping.

Audible Cues

Sounds for the visually impaired are broadcast letting them know the walk indication is on.

Flashing Don't Walk Signal

The flashing don't walk signal will appear as you finish your crossing. Countdown numbers will show how much time remains to cross the street. If the red hand is flashing, don't start crossing. If you have already begun to cross, finish crossing quickly. audible cues: The repeating locator tone is broadcast from the push button box.

Steady Red Hand

When a steady red hand is shown, do not begin to cross the street. If you are already crossing in the intersection when the steady red hand appears, finish crossing quickly.

Audible Cues

The repeating locator tone is broadcast from the push button box.