Environmental Crimes Team

The Santa Rosa Police Department has been investigating Environmental Crimes since 1991. Environmental crimes normally take the form of an illegal disposal of a hazardous or harmful material to our waterways, landfills or regional waste water system.

Hazardous Material

The most dangerous types of materials are classified as hazardous wastes and are extremely dangerous to humans, wildlife and the environment in general. However, substances released into our creeks and streams need not be classified as hazardous material to represent a significant threat to the very fragile ecosystem that exists there. Something as seemingly harmless as latex paint can have a very deleterious impact on our creeks and streams.
Environmental Crimes Officer


The Environmental Crimes Team is comprised of one full-time investigator and one to two sworn officers assigned in a collateral capacity. These officers receive specialized training in environmental crime investigations and hazardous materials recognition. They work closely with regulatory specialists from:
  • The City of Santa Rosa Fire Department
  • Hazardous Materials Team
  • Community Development Building Code Inspectors
  • the Public Works Department Storm Water Management Program
  • Utilities Department Industrial Waste Section