Labor Availability

The city of Santa Rosa benefits from a large laborshed area that encompasses most of Sonoma County and includes the cities of Rohnert Park and Petaluma. Santa Rosa's advantageous location near some of the nation's finest colleges and universities has resulted in a highly educated workforce. For further data, see the State of California Labor Market Information.

Santa Rosa-Petaluma MSA Labor Force and Unemployment

Date Total Civilian Labor Force
Number Unemployed
County Rate
California Rate
April 2012
259,300 22,300 8.6% 10.5%
2011 Average Annual
257,300 25,100 9.8% 11.7%
2010 Average Annual
256,100 26,800 10.5% 12.4%
2009 Average Annual
256,500 24,700 9.6% 11.3%
Source: State of California Employment Development Department, Labor Market Information Division, June 2012.

Characteristics of the Labor Force

 Construction and metal workers, food checkers, food processors and meat cutters are highly unionized. Approximately 27% of all Sonoma County employees belong to unions. Wage rates, extent of unionization, fringe benefits and related information for specific industries and job classifications may be obtained from: