Traffic Engineering Review

Update 2018:

The speed hump program is currently under review. We are no longer accepting requests for speed hump installations.

Thank you for your patience as we review this program.

Traffic Engineering Review

The Traffic Engineering Division will review a street for the consideration of speed humps after receiving a request from any citizen. The request may be written (letter, facsimile, or email) or verbal (by telephone or in person). The citizen must provide an address in order to receive a response. Once a request is received the street is reviewed to determine the classification and the fire run type.

Collector or Arterial Streets

If the street is classified as a collector street or arterial street, the requesting party will be notified. Speed humps are only considered for local streets. If the street is a primary or secondary route for emergency response we will contact the Fire Department. If the Fire Department will not approve speed humps on the street, we will notify the requesting party.

Primary or Secondary Emergency Response

If the street is a local street and is not a primary or secondary emergency response route, the Traffic Engineering Division will send a letter to the requesting party which includes information material and a road undulation request form. The form must be signed by one resident of seven separate residences on the street.