Data Collection

Update 2018:

The speed hump program is currently under review. We are no longer accepting requests for speed hump installations.

Thank you for your patience as we review this program.

Data Collection for Request

After we receive a signed request form we will begin the process of data collection. The data includes a daily volume count collected by use of a mechanical counter. The counter records the passage of a vehicle over a pneumatic tube which is placed across the street. Volume data are recorded for each hour.

Volume Review

The volume data is reviewed to determine when the peak traffic period occurs. Speed data is collected using a radar speed collection device during the peak traffic period. An operator measures the speed of free-flowing traffic. The sample includes either a minimum of 100 vehicles or is gathered in a maximum of one-and-a-half hours. A field visit is made to determine if the street has good vertical sight distance, pavement surface quality, horizontal sight distance, drainage and street lighting. The street must be free of unusual features which might affect the safe operation of road undulations.


If the volume on the street is less than 500 vehicles per day the investigation will be closed and the requesting party will be notified. If the 85th percentile speed is less than 35 miles per hour, the investigation will be closed and the requesting party will be notified. If all of the criteria in Council Policy 000-14 are satisfied a meeting will be set up with the neighbors to determine the appropriate location for road undulations. Since Council Policy 000-14 requires that a substantial majority of the residents must be in support of the installation of road undulations, we will provide the neighbors with a petition to obtain concurrence of 75% of the residences on the street.

Petition for Installation

Once the petition for the installation of speed humps with the required number of signatures is returned, an agenda item will be prepared for City Council approval to install road undulations. The preferred road undulation is a speed table. Upon City Council approval, a work order will be prepared to install the speed table, pavement markings and signs.