Calling From a Cell Phone Tips

Things to Remember When Calling From a Cell Phone

  • Use 9-1-1 only for immediate police, fire or medical emergencies. If you do not have an emergency, please call the non-emergency numbers.
  • Be prepared to provide your location and any essential information the dispatcher may need.
  • Stay on the line until told it is ok to disconnect. Your call may need to be transferred to another agency.
  • View Frequently Asked Cell Phone Questions (PDF) for additional information about calling 9-1-1 from a cell phone.

More Helpful Tips

  • If you dial 9-1-1 by mistake, do not hang up. Stay on the line and inform the dispatcher of the error. Hanging up creates additional work for already busy dispatchers and prevents them from answering additional incoming lines.
  • Teach your child how and when to dial 9-1-1 from a cell phone. Teach them to press 9, then 1, then 1 again and the "send" button only in an emergency. View 9-1-1 for Kids (PDF) for more information on 9-1-1 for Kids.
  • Cell phones without active service can still call 9-1-1. Take batteries out of cell phones before recycling them or giving them to a child to play with.


If you don't have an emergency, please call the non-emergency number for police and fire:
  • Fire or Medical Non-Emergency 707-528-5151
  • Police Business 707-543-3600
  • Police Non-Emergency 707-528-5222