Benefits of Walking

Walking offers many physical, mental and social benefits along with being an environmentally friendly form of transportation. The City of Santa Rosa believes all neighborhoods should be safe places to walk.

Collision Studies

Studies of collisions involving vehicle and pedestrians have shown that in many instances the driver was distracted and not paying attention to the roadway or was speeding. However, in some accidents the pedestrian was at fault - the two most common reasons were crossing the street in the middle of the block and crossing when a signal indicted don't walk. Regardless of who was at fault for causing the collision, the pedestrian is often "the loser" due to the severe injuries sustained.

Safety Tips

Cross at the Crosswalk

Always use the crosswalk if there is one. Don't cross in the middle of the street. The lines in the crosswalk help remind drivers to watch out for pedestrians.

Stay Focused

Put cell phones and other distractions away-focus on the road.

Stay Alert

Stop before you start to cross the street. Look to the left, right, and left again before you cross. Continue to watch cars while you are crossing, especially for vehicles turning right on a red light. Avoid being in a driver's blind spot.

Make Visual Contact

Make eye contact with the driver before you cross in front of a car. Sometimes drivers don't see you. Don't assume drivers will stop for you. Making visual contact with drivers will help assure they have seen you. Look before and while you cross.

Keep Your Eyes on the Road

Be extra cautious on wide streets where traffic moves faster. Watch for turning vehicles. Watch out for cars backing out of parking spaces and driveways.

Use Sidewalks

Use sidewalks where provided. If there are no sidewalks, walk against traffic so that you can see oncoming vehicles.

Be Seen

At night wear light colors or reflective clothing and carry a flashlight.