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Please listen to the Street Smarts family of road safety messages. These public service announcements may not be reproduced or used by any individual or organization without the written consent of the City of Santa Rosa Street Smarts Program. 

Additional Information

For PSA use, please contact the Street Smarts Program Coordinator: Jaime Smedes at 707-543-4537 or vial email.
Distracted Driving

Confessions of Santa Rosa Drivers

Driving requires your full attention- trying to finish breakfast, talk on a cellphone, text message a friend is best left for when you aren't driving. Listen to this PSA (MP3).
Speeding and Aggressive Driving - angry driver

Speeding & Aggressive Driving - 1

Three real life examples of aggressive driving in Santa Rosa. Attitudes such as the rules don't apply to me and passive aggressive actions are highlighted in this PSA (MP3).

Speeding & Aggressive Driving - 2

Three more real life examples of aggressive driving in Santa Rosa. Multitasking behind the wheel, speeding and tailgating are highlighted in this PSA (MP3).

Speeding & Aggressive Driving - Spanish

Speeding, aggressive driving and multi-tasking behind the wheel are addressed in this Spanish language PSA (MP3).
Winter and Holiday Driving Messages

Halloween Message

On Halloween night, pedestrian fatalities involving children are about 4.5 times the levels of other nights of the year. This Street Smarts PSA appeals to people's sense of responsibility for ensuring the safety of children. Listen to this PSA (MP3).

Winter Driving Message

Winter rains and less daylight, make driving conditions on the road more hazardous. Listen to what you neighbors have to say about road safety during winter. Listen to this PSA (MP3).
Spanish Radio Soap Opera - Caminos de Santa Rosa

Chapter 1 - Caminos De Santa Rosa

Sophia confronts Juan Carlos about his riding a bike without a helmet and Sophia confesses to almost hitting a pedestrian because she was driving distracted. Listen to this PSA (MP3).

Chapter 2 - Caminos De Santa Rosa

Juan Carlos is rude to a senior pedestrian making her way through a crosswalk. Sophia who witnesses Juan Carlos' aggressive driving behavior is very disappointed with him. Listen to this PSA (MP3).

Chapter 3 - Caminos De Santa Rosa

Juan Carlos is faced with being a responsible driver and choosing not to drink at a family gathering. Listen to this PSA (MP3).
Just for Teens - group of teens

Street Smarts Rap - Full Version

Local rap artists Joe Martinez and Jake Fontana developed this slick rap for Santa Rosa's youth. Listen out for your high school's name in the lyrics. Listen to this PSA (MP3).

Graduation Message

A graduation message for teens from local rap artist EZ Jake of Wine Country Radio. Listen to this PSA (MP3).