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Santa Rosa Water Loves Tap Water


Hi, I’m Alicia and I love tap water! As a member of the Santa Rosa Water team, I know the level of care and attention that each of the 250+ employees at Santa Rosa Water puts into delivering high-quality drinking water directly to your tap. Ditch the single-use plastic bottles and show your love for tap water this month by choosing a reusable water bottle. #IHeartTapWater 


Hi, I’m Brent and I proudly #TakeItFromTheTap! Did you know that tap water is tested 50x more frequently than bottled water? As a Santa Rosa Water System Operator, I am tasked with protecting your water quality. I know that the level of careful testing we perform means you are getting safe, high-quality drinking water. Show your love for tap water by choosing to use a reusable water bottle. 


Hi, I’m Kathy and I #IHeartTapWater. As a Principal Lab Analyst for Santa Rosa Water I am responsible for testing the tap water that is conveniently delivered to taps across the city. I love to #TakeitFromTheTap because I know that the testing we conduct ensures that our community’s water is safe, meeting or exceeding all health and safety requirements, and is high quality. 


Hi, I’m Nate, a Senior Water System Operator at Santa Rosa Water, and #IHeartTapWater because it’s a healthy choice. With no sugar and zero calories choosing to #TakeItFromTheTAP makes sense, and when I’m thirsty it’s just what my body needs! Plus, I get to work with the #CrewInBlue to operate and maintain our community’s public water system. So you can rest easy knowing you are receiving high-quality drinking water straight to your tap. 


Hi, I’m Pedro and I love tap water! It’s pretty rewarding to work at a place that provides the community with an essential need like tap water. I love that working here has only further shown me that our tap water is safe, healthy, and high quality. Why do I love tap water? Because I personally know and respect the employees that work so hard to provide it. 

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Tap Bottle

Pickup a FREE Take it From the TAP! Water Bottle 

Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. at 69 Stony Circle, Santa Rosa - ends February 28, 2023 

*Santa Rosa residents only, while supplies last

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Choose Tap Water!

Take it From the TAP! (TAP!) encourages the community to choose local tap water as their first drink of choice. TAP! is about creating change through educating our community about where our water comes fromwater quality, and the economic, health, and environmental benefits of choosing tap water. 

By choosing tap water you can:

  • Save money
  • Reduce waste
  • Make a healthy choice
To learn about how Take it From the TAP! was started and the Sonoma-Marin Saving Water Partnership read Our Story.
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Take it From the TAP! Education Program

Santa Rosa Water offers in classroom Take it From the TAP! education. Our lesson plan educates students on the safety as well as the health, environmental and cost saving benefits of choosing tap water.

Reusable water bottles are given to each student (while supplies last) as a tool to help them remember to choose tap water first.

Request a Take it From the TAP! presentation today!

 Take it From the TAP! Education Request Form

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Tap Water on the Go!

Filling up on water at Santa Rosa's Mobile Hydration Station

Santa Rosa Water’s Hydration Station is the first of its kind in Sonoma County to provide high-quality and refreshing tap water on-the-go. The Hydration Station can transport 200 gallons of Santa Rosa tap water or can be connected directly to our municipal water supply to meet additional drinking water demands.

The Hydration Station attends City Sponsored events and visits Santa Rosa Schools to promote healthy hydration and education about our high-quality drinking water supply.

Interested in booking the Hydration Station for a community event? Click here for more information.

Hydration Station Booking Form