Are mobile vending trucks/carts allowed in the City?
Yes, mobile street vending is allowed, although there are requirements regarding where vending trucks and carts (that sell arts/crafts, cut flowers or food/non-alcoholic beverages) can be located (see Santa Rosa City Code section 6-48.050, Street Vendor Regulations). Mobile vending trucks/carts located in the City right-of-way (not on private property) are required to move to a new location (at least 300 feet from the previous location) every 30 minutes. A business license is required to vend any product within the City limits.

Mobile food vending on private property is allowed with the approval of a Minor Conditional Use Permit, but only as an accessory or incidental use to a restaurant with indoor eating area on the same site (see Santa Rosa Zoning Code section 20-42.110.B., Outdoor Eating Areas)

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1. Are mobile vending trucks/carts allowed in the City?
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