What is Weed Abatement?
Weed abatement is the actual removal of combustible growth and material from property actual removal of weeds and/or rubbish as performed by the parcel owner or a contractor hired by the parcel owner. Parcels that are not in compliance and have received notices and have not taken action to comply with their notices will be sent to a contractor hired by the City of Santa Rosa Fire Department. The parcel owner will be held responsible for all costs incurred including the initial inspection fees (including the investigation, inspection, preparation, service, and/or publication or administrative notices and other related clerical costs performed by the Fire Department).

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1. Where does Weed Abatement apply?
2. What is Weed Abatement?
3. Does the Fire Department spray for weeds or perform the removal of weeds/rubbish?
4. What do I do if I receive a notice?
5. What does it mean if I have received a "violation notice"?
6. Can I dispute a violation or an invoice?
7. What if I do nothing?
8. Will I be charged for that?
9. What if I am the new owner, and the previous notices were not received by me?
10. What if the parcel is owned by a group/corporation, and I was not receiving my mail at my mailing address?