What do I do if I receive a notice?

Each year, information regarding the weed abatement program is included in water bills and
messaged to the public through various methods including social media and our website. Please
inspect your property and take whatever actions are necessary to bring your property into
compliance before it is inspected.
Inspect your property frequently throughout the year. You are required to maintain your property
per the ordinance #3681 throughout until the end of the fire season.
• If the property is maintained properly and is in compliance when inspected by the City, owners
will not be charged for the inspection.
• If a property is not in compliance when inspected by the City, the owner will then receive a
reminder notice and a re-inspection will occur after a minimum of 2 weeks.
• If a property remains uncorrected during the second inspection, the property owner will be issued
a violation notice and charged for all costs related to the inspection and re- inspection of that
If you are maintaining your property to be in compliance, we thank you and appreciate your fire
prevention efforts.

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