What does it mean if I have received a "violation notice"?

Property owners are responsible to maintain their properties to be in compliance at all times and
inspections are conducted throughout the fire season.
If a property is not in compliance when inspected by the City, the owner will then receive a notice
of violation and a re-inspection will occur after a minimum of 2 weeks.
The violation notice that has been received should list any violation that was found on the
property as well as a timeline for when the property is scheduled to  be
inspected again.

Property owners are required to correct all violations on the property as soon as
possible to avoid additional charges from the City.
Because the property was not in compliance with the requirements of the City's Ordinance when it
was inspected for the second time, you are being charged for the Fire Department's costs related to
all inspections of your property.
If the violation(s) listed is/are not corrected prior to the next inspection, the City is
authorized to hire a contractor to abate the property at the property owner's expense, in addition
to any other charges and all expenses related to the inspections of the property. Any unpaid
charges will be added to the property owner's tax bill as a lien on
the property.

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