Where can people go rather than living on the streets?

The City provides funding to support emergency shelters, safe parking, day services, and rental assistance for individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness. More information about programs and initiatives funded by the City is available on the City’s website under Programs and Initiatives

If you are aware of someone in need of homeless services and shelter, please contact our contracted outreach services provider, the Homeless Services Outreach Team (HOST), at 707-978-8329 or [email protected].

Additional information on the Coordinated Entry system and county-wide emergency shelter details can be found at Sonoma County’s Homelessness Services website.

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1. What is the City doing to address homelessness in our community?
2. Where can people go rather than living on the streets?
3. What is being done about encampments on public property?
4. What can be done about encampments on private property?
5. What are the legal constraints to the City’s ability to address encampments?
6. Does the City have an ordinance related to homeless encampments?
7. Does the City enforce laws about vehicles/RVs parked on City streets?
8. How do I request signage to restrict street parking?
9. What is being done about illegal activity?
10. How can I help?