What is being done about encampments on public property?

The City is continuously monitoring, assessing, prioritizing, and responding to encampments throughout Santa Rosa. Our efforts are reflected on our Encampment Map. Encampments within the City are evaluated on a regular basis and prioritized for resolution relative to available resources and the severity of issues within each encampment (i.e., location/size, health/safety issues, fire risk, immediate hazards). Encampments which pose an immediate threat to health and safety are given the highest priority. For all other encampments, the City follows the protocols of the Homeless Encampment Assistance Program (HEAP) prior to resolving an encampment, including outreach in advance to provide those residing within the encampment with reasonable notice, an opportunity to be assessed for shelter and services, access to adequate shelter, storage of belongings, and a process to appeal a denial of any disability-related requests for reasonable accommodation.

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4. What is being done about encampments on public property?
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