Why does the City move people from one encampment location to the next?

The City recognizes that efforts to resolve encampments in one area of the community have resulted in the relocation of individuals to other areas of the community – despite City actions to mitigate relocation through outreach, engagement, and the provision of services, shelter, and housing. The resources needed to address the scope of homelessness in the community are more than the City can currently provide. The City receives a high volume of homeless-related requests from business and commercial districts throughout Santa Rosa, as well as residential neighborhoods, community health clinics, and schools. Given competing requests, the City, through the Homeless Encampment Assistance Program (HEAP), must evaluate and prioritize encampments relative to available resources and the severity of issues within each encampment. The City currently only has resources to focus on one large encampment at a time while monitoring and managing other areas. This results in the growth of other encampments until they can be addressed.

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10. Why does the City move people from one encampment location to the next?
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