What is being done about illegal activity?

Keep in mind that simply being homeless is not a crime and people experiencing homelessness have the same rights as everyone to be in public spaces. Some behaviors associated with homelessness may be unpleasant but are not illegal, while others may be illegal but difficult for police to enforce depending on the severity of the crime. Additionally, law enforcement response to homeless-related calls for service is not always the most effective or appropriate intervention, which is why the Santa Rosa Police Department, in collaboration with community partners, developed the inResponse Mental Health Support Team, a multi-disciplinary mobile crisis intervention service that is integrated into the City’s public safety system. More information about inResponse is available at srcity.org/inResponse. If you witness or know of Illegal activity occurring, it should be reported to the Santa Rosa Police Department’s 24/7 non-emergency line at 707-528-5222. For urgent matters call 911. Calls for service will be prioritized based on urgency and available resources.

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1. What is the City doing to address the growing homeless problem in our community?
2. If the City is investing more to address homelessness, why are we seeing more homeless people in our community?
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4. What is being done about encampments on public property?
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6. What are the legal constraints to the City’s ability to address encampments?
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10. What is being done about illegal activity?
11. How can I help?