How can I help?

Make a referral to HOST: If you are aware of someone in need of homeless services and shelter, please contact the Homeless Services Outreach Team (HOST) at 707-978-8329 or [email protected]. This street outreach team funded by the City is operated by Catholic Charities to help engage unsheltered community members into shelter and services.  

Donate to a Service Provider: The City’s non-profit partners provide food, clothing, housing, and other supportive services to community members who are experiencing homelessness. If you wish to help, please consider donating to one of these organizations, a partial list is available on the City's Resources webpage

Be a Part of the Solution: Homelessness is a critical issue in our community and many others across the Bay Area and California. Managing the immediate crisis at hand while working towards solutions to end homelessness will require a coordinated, regional response with collaboration from all sectors of the community. To learn more and get involved, visit the City’s website, attend a Santa Rosa City Council meeting, or contact us with your ideas to increase community participation at [email protected].  

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1. What is the City doing to address the growing homeless problem in our community?
2. If the City is investing more to address homelessness, why are we seeing more homeless people in our community?
3. Where can people go rather than living on the streets?
4. What is being done about encampments on public property?
5. What can be done about encampments on private property?
6. What are the legal constraints to the City’s ability to address encampments?
7. Is the City considering additional ordinances related to homeless encampments?
8. Why isn’t the City enforcing laws about vehicles/RVs parked on City streets for more than 72 hours?
9. How do I request signage to restrict street parking?
10. Why does the City move people from one encampment location to the next?
11. What is being done about illegal activity?
12. Is it helpful for me to give assistance directly to someone who is homeless, such as food, clothing, or money?
13. How can I help?