Can the City install "Children at Play" or "SLOW" signs on my street?
Children at Play signs are not recognized by the State of California or the Federal government as official traffic control devices, and are therefore not installed on public streets in the City of Santa Rosa.

Traffic studies have shown that these signs do not increase driver awareness to the point of reducing vehicle speeds or pedestrian accidents. In fact, placement of the signs may actually increase the potential for accidents by providing a false sense of protection that does not exist and cannot be guaranteed.

Citizens also frequently request SLOW signs or reduced speed limit signs on residential streets. The speed limit on a residential street is 25 miles per hour, whether posted or not. If the City posted such streets at 10 miles per hour, it is likely that the courts would consider the street a speed trap, and in accordance with state law, find any citation issued invalid. SLOW signs are ineffective at reducing speeds because if a driver passes the sign and encounters no reason to slow down (or doesn’t know how much to slow down) that driver may become confused and foster disrespect for all signs.

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