What is a commercial vehicle prohibition?
Section 21101 of the California Vehicle Code allows local authorities, for those highways under their jurisdiction, to adopt rules and regulations by ordinance or resolution to prohibit the use of particular highways by certain vehicles.

Section 35701 of the California Vehicle Code authorizes cities to pass ordinances prohibiting the use of a street by any commercial vehicle or by any vehicle exceeding a maximum gross weight limit. The ordinance shall not be effective until appropriate signs are erected.

Section 35703 of the California Vehicle Code states that no ordinance adopted pursuant to Section 35701 shall prohibit any commercial vehicles from using a restricted street when necessary, for the purpose of making pickups or deliveries.

Commercial vehicle prohibitions around the City of Santa Rosa are designed to eliminate pass through commercial vehicle traffic. These prohibitions are not meant to prohibit commercial vehicles from making deliveries to private residences or businesses on the streets where the prohibition exists.

There are several exemptions to the commercial vehicle prohibitions, which include:
- Emergency vehicles
- Vehicles used in transporting passengers such as buses
- Vehicles used in conjunction with building construction or delivery
- Vehicles used for local pick-up or delivery
- Vehicles used by local businesses to gain access to and from the business

Commercial vehicle prohibitions can only be installed after analysis by the Traffic Engineering Division showing a need for the prohibition and approval of an ordinance by City Council. If you have questions, requests, or suggestions regarding commercial vehicle prohibitions, please contact traffic engineering at 707-543-3814.

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