How can I get a radar speed feedback sign on my street?
Permanent radar speed feedback signs cost approximately $10,000 to install. They are only put on arterial streets (as defined in the General Plan) that have had a significant collision problem, with 50% of those collisions due to excessive speed.

The City of Santa Rosa Police Department also has a radar feedback trailer which can be moved onto certain streets throughout the City on a rotating basis.

These feedback signs are only a tool and are used best when drivers may not be aware that they are speeding. They are designed to let the drivers know how fast they are going in relation to the posted speed for the road segment they are on.

The speed trailer may not be used on certain road segments. The speed trailer cannot be parked on the sidewalk or in a bike lane. It is also not effective if other vehicles can be parked in front of it, blocking the radar function and the sign visibility for drivers.

If you think that a particular street might be a candidate for a permanent radar feedback sign please call Traffic Engineering at 707-543-3814.

If you would like to recommend a location for the speed trailer please contact Officer Perry Plattus of the Santa Rosa Police Department at 707-543-8341.

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