Why is water recycling important?
For every gallon of recycled water used to irrigate public places, such as Finley Park, a gallon of precious drinkable water is saved. Other benefits of using recycled water for irrigation include less need to release recycled water into local waterways, the development of a new water supply with a locally controlled, reliable source that is environmentally responsible - it is the same concept that drives the recycling of bottles, cans and paper.

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1. What is recycled water?
2. Where does recycled water come from?
3. What kind of water will the Water Reuse Plant produce?
4. Is Recycled Water Safe?
5. How is recycled water made?
6. Where is Santa Rosa Regional Reuse System’s recycled water currently used?
7. With an expanded reuse program, how else will recycled water be used?
8. Why is water recycling important?
9. Will the recycled water be safe for children playing in parks?
10. Is recycled water safe to drink?
11. Who develops the health standards for recycled water?
12. Is the use of recycled water mandatory?
13. Could recycled water get mixed with Santa Rosa’s drinking water?
14. How will I know if the water I see irrigating parks and other outdoor spaces is drinking water or recycled water?
15. What kind of technical support can recycled water customers expect?