How does Vegetation Management reduce wildfires?
Homes in densely wooded or brushy areas may be highly susceptible to wildland fires in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) parts of Santa Rosa. We recommend property owners clear combustible materials from around their homes. Actions take before wildfire occurs will help improve the survivability of people and homes.

These activities include:
- Smart Building Materials
Use of Fire Resistant Plants
- Vegetation Management Known as Defensible Space (Reducing and Removing Flammable Plant Materials)

Visit the Fire Safe Sonoma site and download the booklet 'Living with Fire in Sonoma County'. This will offer you clear guidelines for vegetation management in your neighborhood. Call 707-543-3500 for more information or to report problems. You can also visit our website to learn where the WUI's are located. For more information visit the Fire Safe Sonoma website.

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