How can inflow and infiltration be prevented?
There are many methods and technologies that are available to remove and/or reduce Inflow and Infiltration. When Inflow and Infiltration is identified, the City of Santa Rosa Utilities department works to eliminate it. Utilities crews repair leaking manholes and replace cracked or broken pipes. We also identify problems on private property, such as missing clean out caps and improper connections.

2006 Inflow and Infiltration Study

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1. How does the Wastewater Collection System Work?
2. Where does our wastewater go?
3. What is inflow and infiltration?
4. Why is inflow and infiltration a problem?
5. What is an erroneous connection to the wastewater system?
6. How does Santa Rosa Water identify inflow and infiltration?
7. How can inflow and infiltration be prevented?
8. What are Sewer backups/blocks and how are they prevented?