How do I get rid of mice or bugs in my home?
Contact an exterminator. You can find their phone numbers online or in a telephone directory.

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1. How do I contact a school in Santa Rosa?
2. What is the local number for the Department of Motor Vehicles?
3. Who does our refuse and recycling collection?
4. Who do I contact for information on a business license?
5. What is the number for Animal Control and Regulation?
6. Who do I contact if I have a problem with my cable television service?
7. How do I report an abandoned vehicle?
8. What is the number to contact the Sonoma County Courts?
9. Where do I get a marriage license?
10. What office do I contact to get a copy of my birth certificate?
11. Where is the Social Security office?
12. Who do I talk to about my property taxes?
13. What is the difference between the City Attorney and the District Attorney?
14. Can the City Attorney represent private citizens?
15. How can I get a copy of the City Code or a city ordinance?
16. My neighbor’s tree limbs and branches overhang my property. Can I trim them without my neighbor’s permission? If my neighbor’s tree limbs and branches fall on my property, can I make my neighbor clean
17. I drove my car through a pothole in the street and sustained damage to my car. I feel the City was negligent. Will the City pay for this?
18. What is the process for getting a proclamation on the council agenda?
19. How do I address the City Council?
20. How do I get rid of mice or bugs in my home?