What can I expect to see when I watch Last October?

The film provides a firsthand glimpse into the City’s response and what it was like to work as a public servant during the fires, such as a recreation employee operating an emergency shelter, a City mechanic hearing of the loss of his own house while working to keep public safety vehicles in service, a CityBus worker transporting evacuees, police officers and firefighters on the front lines, and more. In many instances, employees reported to duty not yet knowing the fate of their own homes or of their families who were evacuated.

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1. What is the City of Santa Rosa’s Last October documentary film?
2. Why did the City of Santa Rosa produce a documentary about the 2017 Sonoma Complex Wildfires?
3. Who does the documentary feature?
4. What can I expect to see when I watch Last October?
5. What was the process for making the documentary film?
6. What was the impact of the 2017 Sonoma Complex Wildfires on the City of Santa Rosa?