What about adding more electricity to the grid?

Electrifying appliances in buildings will increase electricity usage, while reducing natural gas demand. However, if new electric equipment is energy efficient and “smart” it may not require significant additional need for electric generation. “Smart” equipment could shift electricity use from peak to off-peak hours—by pre-heating water tanks when demand is low or renewable energy is abundant, for example—helping use the existing grid resources more efficiently, and ultimately cutting overall system costs. Buildings that can use electric heat to store clean, renewable energy instead of burning gas on site would be assets on a renewable grid.3 Ongoing energy conservation and energy efficiency programs will reduce the amount of electricity needed on the grid as well.

[3] Decarbonization of Heating Energy Use in California Buildings Report.

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1. Why is the City going beyond what the State is requiring when the new energy code already has a large increase in energy requirements?
2. What are the advantages to all-electric buildings?
3. What are the potential drawbacks of an all-electric building?
4. Are all-electric buildings viable today?
5. What happens to electric water heaters and induction cooktops when the power goes out? Isn’t it better to have a gas stove to be able to cook meals and a gas water heater to have hot water?
6. Won’t this add costs and make it more difficult to build housing?
7. How do construction costs compare?
8. How does the life cycle cost compare?
9. Why the focus on new residential construction?
10. How reliable is the electric grid as compared to natural gas pipelines?
11. Will you take my gas stove away?
12. What is this electric induction cooking all about?
13. Can a heat pump water heater match the performance of a gas system?
14. Will the heat pump water heater need to be supplemented by electric resistance?
15. Doesn’t electricity produce emissions as well? What will these buildings run on when the sun goes down?
16. What about adding more electricity to the grid?
17. Does this affect smart meter opt out?
18. Is it harder to sell an all-electric house?