What are the eligibility criteria for the grant application evaluation?
  1. Community Building – the Community Improvement Grant Program is designed to support community building, strengthen neighborhoods, and build relationships among residents through public improvement projects and community events and practices throughout Santa Rosa.
  2. Project Team – Volunteers and project partners are a significant component of this process. Applications should reference the partnering organizations, individuals, and associations who are involved in the project. If there are questions about possible partnerships, contact your CAB representative for information before completing this application. CAB webpage: www.srcity.org/CAB
  3. Community Support – Projects must have clear neighborhood and community support. Projects should demonstrate this support and what value this project will add to the community. Support may be demonstrated through letters of support or petition.
  4. Budget – The budget should be well thought out, reasonable, and realistic. Applicants are encouraged to explore other supplemental funding sources to show diverse support for the project.
  5. Project Reach – Geographical sphere of influence or a social sphere of influence, description of how many people will benefit from your project. 
  6. Environmental Consciousness – Projects should reflect environmental consciousness regarding materials, energy, and conservation.
  7. Accessibility – Community Improvement Grants (CIG) can best serve the community by making each project funded through CIG as broadly accessible as possible. This means creating opportunities for people of all abilities and thinking expansively about how to be widely inclusive, welcoming, and collaborative. All projects funded by the CIG grant program need to meet these requirements.

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1. What types of projects may be funded?
2. Who may apply?
3. What expenses are eligible for reimbursement through the CIG Program Grant?
4. What is a grant match and how much is required?
5. What are eligible matching funds?
6. What are the eligibility criteria for the grant application evaluation?