What does the CAB do?
  • The CAB serves to develop recommendations to greatly increase citizen and neighborhood participation and responsibility as citizens.
  • The City Charter requires the CAB to advise the City Council on:
    • Public Safety issues;
    • Capital Improvement priorities;
    • Involvement plans for development issues; and
    • Recommendations on public improvement funds that are allocated by the City Council.
  • Through their Strategic Plan, the CAB is working to strengthen the organization and structure of the CAB, to utilize best practices to engage the community, and to increase awareness of the CAB in the community. Objectives include:
    • Implementing Neighborfest;
    • Developing a Citizens Engagement Academy;
    • Engaging neighborhoods through proactively attending neighborhood group/association meetings and building relationships;
    • Developing informational materials such as a flyer and talking points, that describe what the CAB is and what they do for use by the community, prospective members, and City Council; and
    • Developing an onboarding process and mentoring program for new members.

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1. What is the mission of the Community Advisory Board (CAB)?
2. What does the CAB do?
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