Where did the idea for this project come from?

Community Engagement staff held a series of listening sessions from July through December 2020 with BIPOC community groups. One of these sessions was with the Sonoma County Lowrider Council. The Lowrider Council proposed the idea to then Mayor Tom Schwedhelm, Police Chief Rainer Navarro, and Community Engagement staff. The proposal included partnering with the City of Santa Rosa to develop the design of the car; build the car using Lowrider Council members expertise and skill; develop ideas for its use; and develop a plan for outreach. 

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1. What is the purpose of this project?
2. Where did the idea for this project come from?
3. Where does funding for this project come from?
4. How does this project fit into the Community Empowerment Plan?
5. Will this car be used for regular patrolling duties?
6. Does this type of project exist in other communities?