What types of projects may be funded?

Public and Community Improvements: physical construction/improvement projects. Examples include but are not limited to: murals/public art, benches, park improvements/repairs, community clean-ups, tree planting, graffiti removal, community, school or service club project, signage, creek restoration and neighborhood gardens.

Community Practices: activities that create or enhance the sense of community among individuals within a regional area or within a group that shares a common interest. Examples include: neighborhood leadership development trainings, community leadership trainings, formation of a neighborhood association, etc.

2021 Focus Areas

All grant applications must align with City Council goals and priorities: 

City Council Goal #7: Foster neighborhood partnerships and strengthen cultural assets. 

General Community Building Project Ideas:

  • Community gardens – creation or cleanup
  • Community cleanup day
  • Art projects
  • Memorial projects (e.g. bench or plaque purchase and installation)
  • Youth-led projects
  • Neighborhood group development (e.g. neighborhood association creation, neighborhood communications creation, neighborhood leadership development, etc.)

Crises Response Priorities Project Ideas:

  1. Economic Resiliency, including Childcare. Examples: COVID-19 response/recovery (e.g. food and/or clothing distribution, community gardens, school supply distribution, etc.)
  2. Homelessness - programs may be funded if they align with City of Santa Rosa goals and services for homelessness. If doing a food or clothing distribution, you must partner with a homeless services agency.
  3. Public Safety Priorities and Reform. Examples: Disaster preparedness (e.g. creation of go-bags/emergency kits, etc.)
  4. Organizational Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Examples: Art projects (e.g. mural creation, crosswalk or street murals; quilt making; yarn bombing, etc.); racial equity and social justice trainings; community conversations on race, etc.

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1. What types of projects may be funded?
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