Why is the City doing this survey?

The updated Downtown Station Area Specific Plan, adopted October 2020, seeks to guide and manage intensified development in this rapidly changing neighborhood. The Downtown area has numerous known historic resources but has many more buildings over 50 years old – and therefore potentially historically significant – which have not been identified or evaluated for significance. The Specific Plan calls for a comprehensive update to the 1977 and 1989 historic resource surveys of this area to address these properties, in keeping with current best practices. 

The survey will provide the Santa Rosa Planning and Economic Development Department with baseline information on the Downtown area's historic resources, including whether a property appears to be a historical resource under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). This information will provide a basis for future planning and development activities, such as proposed modifications to historic properties, and consideration of new development proposals. As a result, it will streamline the development process for projects proposed for parcels which are confirmed not to contain historic resources.

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1. Why is the City doing this survey?
2. When and how is this survey happening?
3. Will surveyors come onto my property?
4. Is my property a historic resource?
5. Will the survey update affect my property or me?
6. How do I participate in the survey process?