When and how is this survey happening?

Work on this project, including background research and historic context writing, started in early spring 2021 and will continue through early 2023. The initial field survey(External link) is in progress and expected to be complete by summer 2021. This reconnaissance survey – sometimes called “windshield survey,” has surveyors drive every street in the project area to identify potentially eligible properties and conduct preliminary documentation of all age-eligible properties. Follow-up will be done on foot. 

The next survey phase will be an intensive survey, when the potentially eligible properties are documented in more detail and evaluated for significance. This phase is done on foot.

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1. Why is the City doing this survey?
2. When and how is this survey happening?
3. Will surveyors come onto my property?
4. Is my property a historic resource?
5. Will the survey update affect my property or me?
6. How do I participate in the survey process?