How do I contest my citation?

You may contest your citation within 21 days from the date the citation was issued. You can do so on-line, by mail; or deliver your appeal to City Hall Annex. for more information on how to contest a parking citation, please visit our Contest a Citation page.

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1. How do I contest my citation?
2. My car was sold. Why do I continue to receive parking citations when I no longer own the vehicle?
3. I received a notice that a citation was issued to my vehicle, but I have not visited the City of Santa Rosa. How do I clear the citation?
4. I wanted to contest my parking citation but was informed that it was too late. Can I appeal, and if so, who can I make an appeal to?
5. I cannot afford to pay my parking citation. Can you cancel it?
6. Can I perform community service instead of paying for my parking ticket?
7. Can I get an extension on the payment of my parking citation?
8. Can I request a payment plan for my citation(s)?
9. Can I be arrested for my unpaid parking citation?
10. Can my vehicle be towed for my unpaid parking citation?
11. I paid my citation late and was told that the penalty could not be waived. Can I appeal?
12. Where does the City of Santa Rosa obtain vehicle registered owner information?
13. I have paid my parking citation but when I went to renew my vehicle registration, I was told that my ticket was still unpaid. What can I do?
14. I have contested the citation and I do not agree with the decision. Is there anything I can do?
15. Do I have to pay the fine amount in order to appeal the valid decision?
16. What if I do not have the money to appeal the citation to the next level?