What is a Hosted short-term rental?

A Hosted short-term rental is defined as a Short-Term Rental where, throughout the Short-Term Rental period, the host lives and sleeps in the dwelling unit or lives and sleeps in another legal dwelling unit on the same parcel, which parcel is the owner’s principal residence. Hosted Short-Term Rentals shall be allowed only in the primary residence on any property containing more than one legal dwelling unit except where allowed in an ADU pursuant to Zoning Code Section 20-48.040(A)(4)(b).

Principal residence is the place where one resides for more than one-half of the year.

Note:  As part of the submittal of a Hosted Short-Term Rental Permit application, the property owner must provide the following information verifying that they the property is their principal residence:

  • Two forms of proof of principal residency which may include any of the following: a driver's license or California state identification card, pay-stub from current employer, Voter registration card, motor vehicle registration, insurance bill, tax documents showing the residential unit as the person’s residence, or utility bill for water or electric/gas services (you may only use utility bills as one form of residency confirmation; cable television, cell phone or internet provider bills do not qualify); and
  • Signed Hosted Short-Term Rental Applicant’s Affidavit.

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