Do I need to obtain a Business Tax Certificate?

Any short-term rental owner who operates four or more short-term rentals within Santa Rosa city limits must also obtain a Santa Rosa Business Tax Certificate. Visit for more information about how to apply for a Business Tax Certificate.

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1. When does the Ordinance go into effect?
2. What is a short-term rental?
3. What is the difference between a hosted and a non-hosted short-term rental?
4. How do I decide if I am a hosted or non-hosted short-term rental?
5. What is an operator in good standing versus a new operator?
6. What registrations or permits are required for a short-term rental to operate in compliance with the Ordinance?
7. Do I need to obtain a Business Tax Certificate?
8. What requirements must a short-term-rental operator follow to be in compliance?
9. Where can a short-term rental operate in the City?