What is the Safe Parking Pilot Program?

At a June 22, 2021 City Council Study Session, City Council directed staff to proceed with developing a program design for a Safe Parking Pilot Program (Program) to be operated 24 hours a day, seven days a week (24/7). The program will provide up to 50 parking spots in a portion of the City-owned parking lot at 55 Stony Point Road. The Program is meant to provide unsheltered individuals living in vehicles and RVs with direct access to basic services and support services to help individuals move from homelessness into housing, while lessening the impacts of homelessness that we have seen in several areas of our community. The Safe Social Distancing Program that was launched in a section of the parking lot at Finley Community Center in May 2020 was an overall success. The Safe Parking Pilot Program will be closely modeled after many elements of that program. On December 7, 2021, following the City’s issuance of a Request for Proposals (RFP), City Council approved Catholic Charities as the Program operator.

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1. What is the Safe Parking Pilot Program?
2. When will the Safe Parking Pilot Program be operational and how long will it be in operation?
3. Why was the City-owned parking lot at 55 Stony Point Road selected?
4. How has the community been notified about the Program?
5. How will the Safe Parking Pilot Program be different than large vehicle/RV encampments that we have seen in several areas of Santa Rosa?
6. How are the City and County working together to provide services like the Safe Parking Pilot Program?
7. How can we help?
8. Who is the operator?
9. What are the operator’s responsibilities?
10. What screening protocols will be in place to protect individuals participating in the Program as well as the public from COVID-19?
11. What services will be provided?
12. Will there be quiet hours? Will there be a “code of conduct” or set rules for being in the Program?
13. Do vehicles need to be operational, registered, and insured? If the vehicle breaks down - will it be towed?
14. Will visitors be allowed?
15. Will there be one vehicle per space, or more than 50 spaces used for the site? Is it 50 vehicles or 50 occupants?
16. Will service animals be allowed?
17. How long can participants be in the Program?
18. Will smoking be allowed?
19. What are the reporting requirements? Will these reports determine if the program is closed or scaled (past/prior) to the one-year pilot?
20. Will this site have 24/7 security?
21. Will security be scaled up or down during the program?
22. How do you plan to minimize impacts to the surrounding area?
23. Will drugs and alcohol be allowed?
24. Will there be an increased presence by the Santa Rosa Police Department (SRPD)?
25. Will there be a curfew?
26. Will searches be conducted?
27. Will criminal background checks be conducted?