How are public safety services funded in Santa Rosa?

Since 2004, general city funding for public safety services in Santa Rosa have been supplemented by a quarter-cent sales tax. Santa Rosa voters approved this measure to provide dedicated funding for public safety and youth programs and preventing gang violence. For the past 17 years these funds have been used to support fire protection, paramedics, rapid 9-1-1 emergency response, disaster preparedness, crime prevention and police services. Each year, an independent citizens’ oversight committee has reviewed the use of funds and confirmed funds were spent appropriately for voter-approved services.

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1. How are public safety services funded in Santa Rosa?
2. What types of public safety services has this measure supported?
3. How are voter-approved public safety funds allocated?
4. Is there a minimum allocation of funds for public safety services?
5. Does voter-approved public safety funding expire soon?
6. What happens if local funding expires and we lose $10 million per year for public safety and violence prevention programs?
7. What is the city doing to maintain this local public safety funding?
8. Specifically, what would the renewal measure fund?
9. How do we know funds from the renewal measure would be spent as promised?
10. Could the state take funding away from the renewal measure?
11. Would the renewal measure ensure that Santa Rosa’s visitors pay their fair share?
12. How much will the renewal measure cost?
13. Are there protections for people on fixed or limited incomes?
14. Didn’t Santa Rosa just pass a local sales tax measure?
15. Don’t sales tax measures hurt local business?
16. How would a sales tax affect auto dealerships in Santa Rosa?
17. When is the election?
18. Who can vote on the renewal measure?
19. How can I register to vote?
20. How can I find out more about voting in this election?