How do I sign up for water usage notifications?

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. To set up water usage notifications, in the navigation, click on "Notifications" and then "My Usage Alerts."Notifications_Usage Alerts
  2. Click on “Add Email” and enter the email address.  Multiple email addresses can be added.
  3. Click on “Add Notifications.”WaterSmart Portal Video Tutorial_Page_05_Image_0003
  4. Select Monthly, Weekly or Daily to set both the frequency of notification and the length of time you would like to set the notification for. For example, if you selected “Weekly” you will be notified weekly through email if you exceed your “weekly” target.
  5. Enter the number of gallons in the “Target” box for the notification threshold, based on the timeframe selected above.
  6. The Meter Usage Chart is a good tool to use to help determine the number of gallons for the target. Or you could use Santa Rosa’s average water use of 2,000 gallons per person per month.WaterSmart Portal Video Tutorial_Page_06_Image_0001
  7. Once the usage passes the target amount, an email notification will be sent.
    1.   Sample email notification:Email

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