How to I update my WaterSmart Portal email, security questions, and password?

To update the Email, Security Question and Password, in the navigation, click on “Settings” and then “User Profile.”WaterSmart Portal Video Tutorial_Page_08_Image_0001

Update Email

  1. To update your EMAIL, click on “Update.”WaterSmart Portal Video Tutorial_Page_08_Image_0002
  2. Enter the password and the new email address.
  3. Click on “Submit.WaterSmart Portal Video Tutorial_Page_08_Image_0003
  4. Below is the message that will appear once the “Submit” button has been clicked.
    • Note:  The message will remain until the email change has been confirmed”WaterSmart Portal Video Tutorial_Page_09_Image_0001
  5. A confirmation email will be sent. Once received, click on the link to confirm the email update.

Update Security Question

  1. To update the Security Question, click on “Update."WaterSmart Portal Video Tutorial_Page_09_Image_0003
  2. Enter the password and then click on the drop-down arrow to access the full list of Security Questions.
  3. Select the desired question.WaterSmart Portal Video Tutorial_Page_09_Image_0004
  4. Enter the answer.

Update Password

  1. To update the Password, click on “Update.”WaterSmart Portal Video Tutorial_Page_10_Image_0002
  2. Enter the old password.
  3. Enter the new password.
  4. Enter the new password again to confirm.WaterSmart Portal Video Tutorial_Page_10_Image_0003
  5. When successful you will receive the below message.WaterSmart Portal Video Tutorial_Page_10_Image_0004

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